Delivery Methods for TeamWorks Training

You have choices. There are several approaches we can employ for effective training delivery. We understand that each organization has unique time constraints and budgetary concerns, and this is why the delivery methods we offer are flexible enough to accommodate almost any set of organizational parameters.

Facilitation Services

Perhaps the most powerful training option available through TeamWorks involves on-site facilitation provided by highly educated and experienced trainers & facilitators. Clients often come to us after having participated in one or more of our Seminars or Workshops because they recognize the importance of hands-on, practical instruction in the workplace. Having TeamWorks Representatives on-site can open up a world of possibilities.

Facilitation allows your organization or business to:

  • Focus on building key Leaders, employees & teams
  • Devote highly skilled resources to the areas of greatest need
  • Ensure Continuous Improvement at all levels
  • Ensure that Trainable & Measurable Processes are developed
  • Ensure that measurable performance is achieving desired outcomes

Contact Us to discuss potential locations for training:

  • Your Site
  • TeamWorks Learning Centers
  • Offsite Location of Your Choosing

Facilitation programs through TeamWorks require thorough planning and consideration in order to maximize success. Contact Us so that we may demonstrate how an objective facilitator can help promote positive performance.


TeamWorks, Inc. will certify organizations and individuals who meet certification criteria and can demonstrate “best practices”.

Learn more on the Certifications Page.

Seminars & Workshops

While a Workshop is typically a great way to engage a smaller group of individuals (5 to 35 people), Seminars are generally most effective in reaching medium and large size groups (35 to 200 or more people). However, TeamWorks Seminars and Workshops share a lot in common, regardless of how many individuals are involved.

You can expect ALL Seminars and Workshops offered by TeamWorks to be:

  • Highly Engaging, where audience participation is encouraged
  • Interesting and Relevant to the needs of your organization
  • Powerful and Practical, giving you the tools that you can use right away

Furthermore, you can also expect a high level of engagement in our Seminars, a smaller Workshop setting tends to be more effective for discussions, interaction & activities. All of our Seminars and Workshops are FAR from dry and predictable! You can count on the subject matter to be delivered by energetic individuals who want to make a difference.

Contact Us to discuss potential locations for training:

  • Your Site
  • TeamWorks Learning Centers
  • Offsite Location of Your Choosing

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