Seminars & Workshops

TeamWorks Seminars & Workshops are designed to be informative, practical, enjoyable, interactive, & experiential. The desired outcome for our seminars & workshops are to empower participants to make meaningful connections to their professional and real life experiences.

Seminars & Workshops can be customized to:

  • Accommodate any group size
  • Fit within your time constraints; half, full, and multiple day programs are available
  • Focus on any number of areas critical to Leadership, organizational, & personal development

TeamWorks has a wealth of knowledge and experience in some of the most practical and important areas of contemporary Leadership & Organizational Development. Some of the topics covered in previous seminars and workshops include, but are not limited to:

  1. Characteristics of effective group dynamics
  2. Awareness of interactive styles
  3. Are you an effective leader?
  4. Proven methods in organizational leadership
  5. Facilitative leadership
  6. Creating a shared vision, mission, core values
  7. Creating & implementing a strategic plan
  8. Character – The test of time
  9. Generating “Buy In”
  10. Persuasion & Influence
  11. Creative group decision making & problem solving
  12. Exceeding customer expectations
  13. Reliability & Quality Management
  14. Overview of LEAN & Six Sigma
  15. Best practices in Continuous Improvement
  16. Conflict Management
  17. Time Management
  18. Organizational Project Management
  19. Meeting Management
  20. Diversity & Sensitivity
  21. Business Etiquette
  22. Dining Etiquette
  23. Fun & Interactive Ice Breakers – Building Relationships
  24. Book based seminars & workshops on popular topics & authors
  25. Additional topics of interest can be covered by client request


Contact Us today and let us help you custom design a Seminar or Workshop that fits your organizational needs!