Sales & Customer Service Training & Development

Have you identified your customers? Do you have Sales & Customer Service systems in place to ensure that you are building mutually rewarding relationships with your customers? Does your organization maintain a competitive edge through Continuous Improvement? Do you survey your customers? Do you consistently meet and exceed customer expectations? If the answer is no to any of these questions, consider letting TeamWorks assess your needs and outline an effective sales & customer service training plan that’s right for your business.

Effective Sales & Customer Service Systems go hand in hand, and can help your business tremendously by:

  • Revealing your customers and what they value
  • Properly supporting your marketing investments
  • Reducing waste & saving time, money & countless resources
  • Educating your employees to align your organizational vision, mission, & core values with customer needs
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty & repeat business


TeamWorks Training Emphasizes Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations

TeamWorks, Inc. offers practical instruction, facilitation, coaching & development services that will assist your organization in creating and maintaining Loyal Customers (internal & external) by implementing highly effective Sales & Customer Service Systems. If you haven’t determined if your business or organization is meeting or exceeding customer expectations, we’re ready to assist you.

The Functional Areas of Sales & Customer Service Training

There are 4 functional areas TeamWorks representatives draw upon to address your organizational needs. Through assessment and training customization we can assist you in building effective Sales and/or Customer Service Systems. Review the functional areas below and then contact us to discuss your needs.

  1. Direct Sales Training
    • Conduct a Success/Failure Analysis
    • Effective vs. Efficient selling
    • Cultivation of Your Story
    • P.A.I.D.D. Principle (Pride, Accountability, Integrity, Diligence, Determination)
    • A personalized approach to sales & customer service; cultivating mutually rewarding relationships
    • Business practices with respect to organizational vision, mission, & core values.
  2. Customer Service Training
    • A comprehensive review of what adds value for our customers
    • Defining and measuring best practices to better serve our customers.
    • Develop a Value Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Value Ledger
    • Defining value for external and internal customers
    • Develop Surveys
    • Best practices in conducting surveys
    • Trend survey feedback
    • Benchmarking
    • Develop a continuous improvement approach to responding to customer feedback and perceptions.
    • Create action initiatives to achieve customer satisfaction goals
    • Educating the Customer
    • Develop and measure customer touch processes that exceed expectations
    • Develop and measure the problem solving processes:
      • Discover
      • Fix
      • Confirm
      • Prevent
      • Measure
      • Document
    • Develop and measure customer service processes:
      • Treatment
      • Convenience
      • Quality
      • Value
  3. Focus Group Development & Facilitation
    • Create a Value Ledger to determine what adds value and what doesn’t add value in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
    • Develop Focus Group questions
    • Develop participant profiles
    • Develop Focus Group logistics and delivery
    • Facilitate Focus Groups
    • Facilitate Focus Group video review
    • Facilitate analysis of participant feedback
    • Trend Analysis
    • Facilitate Continuous Improvement
  4. Mystery Shopper Systems:
    • A system to objectively audit “customer touch” Processes – MysteryWorks

Continuous Improvement training & facilitation is the subsequent phase of all TeamWorks’ training and development programs.