Leadership Training & Development

Leadership Training & Development is essential to Organizational Development. Knowing what is necessary for developing successful leaders is not cut and dry. TeamWorks can help you develop the innate leadership traits in your executives, managers & employees, allowing your business or organization to grow and be profitable. It can be done with Energy for Synergy!

Benefits of Leadership Training

Developing leadership traits can be a lifelong pursuit, and there are many different levels of leadership to explore. Great leaders exhibit a wide diversity of traits and abilities. However, there are many things that most great leaders share in common, such as:

  • Understanding one’s own strengths and challenges
  • Understanding the strengths and challenges of others
  • The ability to guide others to consistent, measurable results
  • The ability to handle stressful situations
  • Objectivity, and the ability to embrace change
  • The Energy for Synergy to promote the vision, mission and core values of their organization

What does your company or organization value in a leader?

The TeamWorks Approach to Leadership Development & Training

The TeamWorks leadership training system includes group instruction, group interaction, case studies, experiential activities, simulations, role playing, coaching & development.

A focused plan for Leadership Training implementation can begin from any of the following areas, and usually combines aspects from all of these areas listed below. Click on the sample outlines for a detailed look at the subject material within each functional area of leadership. The outlines can be used as a starting point for constructing facilitated seminars & workshops.

  1. General Organizational Development
  2. Awareness of Group Dynamics
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Facilitative Leadership
  5. Measuring Performance
  6. Total Quality Leadership

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