Leadership Coaching & Development

Leadership Coaching for Organizational Success

The benefits of leadership coaching within your organization cannot be overemphasized. Organizations that train their leaders to be coaches, through executive coaching and mid-level management coaching, are far more likely to succeed. However, coaching is not just for the exclusive benefit of executives and mid-level managers.

Leadership Coaching benefits everyone involved, by:

  • Promoting Constructive Communication between managers & staff
  • Inspiring & Motivating employees to take pride in their work
  • Building employee trust in their executives, managers & supervisors
  • Building self-confidence within your managers & employees through 1-on-1 engagement
  • Provides all individuals with increased awareness of self and others
  • Giving everyone the tools sharpen their own leadership skills
  • Ensuring that leaders are progressing based on the demonstration of measurable improvements

Coaching at the Supervisory and Employee levels can be a very powerful catalyst for organizational change, inspiring workers to maximize their own potential without the need for constant guidance. Where do you feel your organization can benefit most from leadership coaching?

The TeamWorks Approach to Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching programs are designed to be highly flexible and practical. Depending on the specific needs and circumstances, we can coach you and your executives, key managers, supervisors or employees on-site. We can also focus on training your key people to be leadership coaches and mentors to others.

Critical Areas of Leadership Coaching

To help your organization reach its greatest potential, TeamWorks will conduct an organizational assessment to help reveal leadership training needs. Based on those assessed needs, TeamWorks’ Leadership Coaches will focus their training initiatives toward any of the critical leadership areas listed below:

  • Vision-Mission-Core Values-Philosophies-Strategic Initiatives
  • Interactive Styles – Awareness of Self & Others
  • Conflict Management & Mediation
  • Constructive Communication
  • Embracing Change & Transition
  • Transitioning to Management Responsibilities
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Effective Supervision
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Facilitating Continuous Improvement
  • Management Development
  • Coaching Others
  • Inspire & Motivate
  • Personal Development
  • Quality of Life
  • Executive Transition Strategies

An ongoing commitment to meet specific leadership objectives is the key to success in our coaching and development collaboration. All Leadership Coaching clients will be required to practice and demonstrate what is learned between coaching sessions. The client contact, the recipient of the Leadership Coaching services, and the Leadership Coach will initially develop a plan and specific goals to ensure that desired outcomes are met. Once mutually acceptable goals and objectives are reached, Leadership Coaching clients will be certified in accordance with the applicable training initiatives and TeamWorks, Inc. guidelines.

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