Diversity & Sensitivity Assessments: Methods

The Pulse Assessment

This pre-intervention assessment evaluates an organization’s needs and objectives with respect to diversity and sensitivity issues to help us organize and plan an agenda for intervention. The Pulse gauges individuals’ expectations and areas for growth during intervention. A sample question from the Pulse assessment is, “What information do you expect or hope to gain from a TeamWorks workshop?”

The Knowledge, Skills, & Awareness (K.S.A.) Assessments

The K.S.A. is a two-part assessment given both before (pre-test) and after (post-test) TeamWorks intervention to measure participant’s growth regarding their knowledge, skills, and awareness of diversity and multicultural issues. We recommend this assessment for organizations interested in increasing individuals’ sensitivity and ability to work with individuals from diverse groups. A sample item from the K.S.A. assessment is, “Are you aware of the similarities and differences between yourself and your clients?” The term client would be changed to reflect the specific organization – for example, customers, students, or members.

Cultural Audit for Organizations

The Cultural Audit evaluates an organization’s openness to acknowledge diversity among employees and clientele, and the ability to support individuals from diverse groups. A sample item from the A.F.O. is, “How well does this company respond to the needs of individuals from diverse groups?”

Cultural Audit for Individuals (A.F.I.)

The Cultural Audit evaluates an individual’s openness to diversity among employees, supervisors, and clientele, and the person’s ability to work and communicate with individuals from culturally diverse groups and backgrounds. A sample item from the A.F.I. is, “How well do you communicate with co-workers or clientele who are culturally different from you?”

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