Customized Organizational Training & Development

Designing Unique Training & Development Solutions for Every Client

We have worked closely with many organizations to reveal and address their organizational development needs. Training and developmental needs can vary greatly from one organization to another. Customized training is a powerful solution, because it addresses your unique organizational needs. However, the road to discovery does begin in the same place with each business or organization.

Our approach to customizing a training and development program that’s right for you always begins with honest collaboration, and a common commitment to revealing the needs of your organization.

Discovering Your Training & Development Needs

You may already have specific ideas regarding the needs of your organization. Great! Together we will help you identify additional organizational needs through assessment and collaboration, and help you to refine your own ideas further. It is a revealing process, with the ultimate goal being the development of a comprehensive plan specifically geared towards addressing improvement areas. It’s a 5 step process:

  1. First we will initially collaborate with you on areas of need — learning, sharing ideas and desired outcomes, etc.
  2. This allows us to establish a baseline for performing an Organizational Assessment
  3. Organizational Assessment leads to a Customized Training Outline & Proposal
  4. TeamWorks & Client Representatives refine the proposal & delivery methods
  5. Once we have agreed on the desired outcome and delivery methods, training or other developmental programs can be scheduled

Review our Delivery Methods Page to learn about the flexible options for training and development TeamWorks can offer your organization.