TeamWorks Certifications: Closing the Training Gaps

In response to the ever growing need for quality outsourced training, TeamWorks has carefully developed a handful of highly focused certification programs. These certification programs can fill the organizational training gaps, and allow your business or organization to continuously improve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Why Should You Consider Certification?

Does your organization have a need for engaging, practical employee training? Our certification programs are designed to train your people in some of the most critical functional areas found within the broader category of Organizational Development today. TeamWorks certifications provide your organization with engaging practical training in any of nine different functional areas; all in areas where the TeamWorks Training Staff has a vast amount of experience and developmental expertise.

TeamWorks certifications enrich the growth of those involved and can be used to promote the organization’s commitment to excellence.

Certifications Offered

TeamWorks, Inc. offers Certifications for individuals, businesses & organizations who complete the specified training and demonstrate “Best Practices” in the following areas:

  • Supervision
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Process Development
  • Continuous Improvement Systems
  • Continuous Improvement Facilitation
  • LEAN Operations
  • Six Sigma
  • Team Building Facilitation

How TeamWorks Certifications Work

Certifications are awarded to those individuals & organizations who complete a minimum of 16 hours of initial training and can demonstrate that the training initiatives are applied and practiced through achieving measurable goals & objectives.

Please Contact Us today to receive a complete outline and requirements for each of our Training & Development Certifications.